Industrial Cooling

FANS, a.s. has long-term experience in the area of designing and implementing complete cooling circuits, and it is able to meet the demanding requirements of investors and end customers. We are able to provide a complex delivery of particular parts from our own production plants as well as from experienced and verified suppliers.

The complex cooling circuit consists of the following:

  • Cooling tower
  • Chemical water treatment facility
  • Pump station
  • Filtration station
  • Transformer station, electric energy distribution
  • Piping, fittings
  • Buildings for chemical water treatment, filtration station, etc.
  • Control system

The basis of the cooling circuit includes natural and forced draft cooling towers made of steel, stainless steel, concrete, or FRP. Their output depends on customer and production process needs, where they are installed, and the scope of kW up to MW. You can find more information about these cooling devices on our website in the section Production and Delivery of Cooling Equipment.

FANS, a.s. provides all deliveries in a “turn-key” mode, i.e.:

  • Comprehensive design for the customer with optimum value/price rate
  • Designing (basic design, detail design)
  • Production and purchase of components of the cooling circuit
  • Delivery and completion on site
  • Installation and commissioning of the entire cooling circuit
  • Warranty and post-warranty service, including regular monitoring

The FANS, a.s. company delivers cooling circuits to all industrial branches, power and heat plants in Europe, and in other continents as well, through the company subsidiaries. In particular, the following fields are covered:

  • Energy industries
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Heavy and mining industry
  • Plastic and rubber industry
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry

Our procedures and equipment comply with the strictest standards and regulations in the area of environmental protection and meet the highest demands for quality and reliability of our products.