About us

FANS, a.s. is an international engineering and contracting company. We focus on construction and modernisations of power plants and industrial facilities. One of our major specializations are industrial cooling technologies.

FANS, a.s. was founded in 1992, and it is presently developing its commercial and export activities through a global network of subsidiaries, branches, and sales representatives in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Since its foundation, the FANS, a.s. company has dealt with industrial cooling technologies: design, production, and upgrade of cooling towers, and circulation cooling circuits, from design to commissioning. Over the years, we have extended our product line of forced and natural draft cooling towers to include dry coolers, air coolers, steam condensers, and wide range of other components. In addition to activities in the industrial cooling area, we are continuously extending our portfolio of equipment for power plants and industry, with the option of complex deliveries of technological units.

At present, the company has a solid technical, manufacturing, and administrative background, so it is capable of providing any “turn-key” projects in a comprehensive and professional manner, always with a responsible and individual approach to each customer.

Why collaborate with FANS, a.s.?

  • We are a team of qualified and experienced experts
  • We focus on up-to-date technologies and advanced technological solutions optimized for a specific customer
  • Thanks to vast experience with implementation and cooperation with scientific institutes, we are continuously innovating our offered products and services
  • We cooperate only with proven and reliable suppliers
  • We respect the environment and continuously focus on the reduction of emissions
  • We provide financing solutions for large-scale, international projects in various industries including energy industry