Factory Assembled Cooling Towers

Factory assembled cooling towers with atmospheric cooling are used for industrial and HVAC applications in cases where no high cooling efficiency is required and no large area is available. 

The major benefits of these cooling devices include easy and fast transport and installation, and short delivery periods. We offer a wide product line and easy compatibility. When the FRP material is used, high resistance against climatic conditions and corrosion is ensured.

The factory assembled cooling tower solutions are always created based on specific customer needs, and they comply with required parameters, local conditions, water quality, and other specific conditions at the installation site. 

The exchange of cooling air is provided by a fan unit driven by an electric motor. The compact cooling tower is designed as a standalone unit which can be placed almost anywhere. In order to increase the total cooling efficiency, another cooling tower cell can be added.


  • outher shell (material: FRP, steel, stainless steel, concrete)
  • supporting structure
  • fan stack
  • cooling fill
  • drift eliminators
  • fan with drive
  • water distribution system including sprying nozzles
  • collecting pool

Industrial application:

  • energy industries
  • petrochemical industry
  • chemical industry
  • engineering industry and metallurgy
  • mining industry
  • plastic and rubber industry
  • paper industry
  • manufacturing industry (food-processing, sugar refineries)
  • HVAC (public, office buildings, etc.)

Potential optimization:

  • used materials and components
  • total cooling efficiency
  • operation and maintenance economy
  • noise elimination
  • reduction of environmental impact (water and energy savings)
  • ATEX design for explosion hazard spaces