FANS, a.s. is securing the supply and assembly of technology installations in Croatia for EKOL, s.r.o. We are undertaking this project inclusive of preparing full design documentation, preparation of a technical solution, supply and assembly of pipelines, the supply and assembly of electrical parts including the system for managing the whole cooling circuit, commissioning and training of operators. The cooling circuit is divided into the main and auxiliary cooling circuit. The main cooling circuit is used for cooling steam turbines, pumps and analysers. The main cooling circuit comprises 12 dry coolers with circulating pumps in 1+1 configuration. The auxiliary cooling circuit is designed for cooling the generator and steam oil cooler. This comprises one dry coolers, circulating pumps in 1+1 configuration. Equipment for mixing a glycol mix to the required 30% concentration and an expansion module which secures stable pressure within the closed cooling circuit is supplied for both circuits. It is planned to be put into automatic operation in March 2018.