Supply and assembly of technology to cooling towers in Switzerland

FANS, a.s. supplies cooling technology components to two concrete cooling towers in Switzerland built by CERN.

FANS, a.s. performs the reconstruction of two concrete cooling towers in Switzerland including the design, supply and assembly of the technology. The fan units designed for these towers are fans with APL transmission, with a power output of 90 KW.  Considering the client’s strong interest in reducing the noise level of the current towers, the structure of the new intake will be equipped with special silencers.

The reconstruction concerns the supply of a cooling system, eliminators, water supply, sprinkler nozzles and entire fan units.

We will start carrying out the assembly of this technology on the site in July 2018, and the operation of the towers should commence by the end of 2018.

Our company is cooperating on this construction with the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN.

Technical parameters:

Cooled water flow

1376 m3/hour.

Water temperature at inlet

35 °C

Water temperature at outlet

25 °C