Successful completion of a project: design and construction of an industrial chimney

We celebrate the new year with finalization of an interesting project: design and construction of a new, 80-meter high steel chimney at the premises of PGE Kielce.

The chimney will be used in one of the blocks of the biomass heating plant Kilece (power output 30 MW) that is operated by energy group PGE and that was put into operation in 2008.

The project included:

  • preparation of complete project documentation,
  • obtaining necessary administrative permits for construction,
  • manufacturing,
  • final assembly,
  • preparation of the base for installation of the chimney,
  • installation on-site,
  • connections and securing of the structure according to the design specifications,
  • putting into operation.

The implementation took place in a very short time from March to December 2015. Companies FANS and Proficool FANS continuously monitor and reflects the needs of its customers and therefore we systematically extend the range of our products and services. The key business issue for us is to partner with our customers to understand and meet their expectations and continue our evolution towards technical excellence.