New project office in Brno

Dear business partners, website visitors, We are pleased to inform you that, although we have had a solid technical and administrative background for more than 25 years, we have opened another new design office in Brno.

This strategic step has emerged from the need to strengthen the project department to continue to meet one of our visions. And to be able to provide all „turnkey“ projects comprehensively  and professionally, including tailor made technical solutions. The turnkey project involves design, construction, commissioning of cooling circuits, cooling towers for power engineering and the entire industrial sector. Training of service personnel, warranty and post-warranty service as a matter of course.

The successful conclusion of large-scale projects, especially abroad, enables us to grow professionally and at the same time to continue to be a major employer not only in the Pardubický, Středočeský and Jihomoravský regions, but also abroad.

Dear customers, contacting our new project office is still possible via the Hlinec office or directly.

Mr. Michael Landsmann
Maříkova 5
621 00 Brno - Řečkovice

Tel .: +420 602 745 995