FANS will deliver a complete cooling circuit to Slovak company DUSLO

Company FANS has signed an important contract with its returning customer, Slovak company DUSLO ŠALA.

The cooling circuit is designed with an operating temperature of +25°. Part of the cooling circuit is a 10-cell cooling tower made of FRP (composites reinforced with fiberglass) with total cooling flow rate 18 000 m3/hour, which is an exceptional performance in CEE. Cooling tower’s supporting structure consists of a frame made of FRP profiles. This material is gradually replacing conventional metallurgical profiles or concrete structures. The main benefits of this material are extremely high durability and minimal maintenance costs. FRP is also characterized by good resistance to high temperatures, UV radiation, and abrasive wear, which allows the cooling towers to be used in even the harshest operating conditions, especially in petrochemical and chemical industry, including the production of fertilizers like at DUSLO. Because of these advantages, this material has a very wide scope of application. As technical inspections show, cooling towers made of FRP are in perfect technical condition even after twenty years of operation! The used FRP profiles correspond to European norm EN 13706.

The delivered cooling circuit CV 6 is a "turnkey project" that includes:

  • design and engineering works
  • construction and installation works 
  • construction and supply of reservoirs 
  • installation of circulation pumps 
  • construction of building for chemical water treatment 
  • complete piping 
  • electrics and instrumentation 
  • putting into operation
  • test measurements
  • post-warranty customer service 
The entire project was started in 4Q 2015, and the cooling circuit will be put into operation in 1Q 2017.
DUSLO is one of the most significant chemical companies in Slovakia: a manufacturer of fertilizers and a global supplier of rubber chemicals.