FANS accepts one of the greatest challenges in its history on the Russian market

In February 2017, we signed one of the biggest contracts in the 25 years of our company’s existence, in terms of both delivery size and investment volume on the Russian market.

We are delivering dry coolers for new power plants in the Kaliningrad area of Russia: TEC Pregolskaya and TEC Primorskaya. We are delivering 4 cooling towers for each of the power plants – air coolers, which are part of two primary cooling circuits and two auxiliary cooling circuits, comprising 78 units with a total capacity of 645 MW. As part of the EPC project, we are supplying the planning and design services, as well as the manufacturing of steel structures, piping bundles, pressure pumps, collection reservoirs and other components. The supply also includes assembly supervision, commissioning, testing and analyses.

We are currently finishing the manufacturing of piping bundles and components in our manufacturing plants in Chrudim and Hlinsko and commencing their dispatch to the customer. The handover is projected to take place in 2018.

Due to the worldwide depletion of water, pressure from world governments to protect the environment, and our customers’ specific requirements, we have included dry cooling in our standard product portfolio. Since 2006, we have successfully implemented numerous AC and ACC projects, and we currently rank among the major manufacturers and suppliers in this area.

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