FANS, a.s. successfully defended a certification audit

Dear website visitors and business partners, We are pleased to announce that our company FANS, a.s. has successfully passed a certification audit conducted by the auditing company DOM-ZO 13. The audit included a “Certification audit of welding and steel structures, including stainless steel” and an “Ongoing audit of conformity assessment based on a ‘Certificate of conformity of production’ “.

Assessment standards:

Czech norms:
-ČSN EN ISO 3834-2: Quality requirements for fusion welding of materials - Higher requirements
-ČSN EN 1090-2+​A1: Execution of steel structures - Technical requirements for steel structures
-ČSN EN 1090-1+A1: Requirements for a conformity assessment of structural components

FANS, a.s. has successfully fulfilled the objective of the audit within the required scope and plan, without disagreements. The assessed process has been created, effectively implemented and utilised, and is in compliance with the requirements of normative documents. The findings demonstrated the ability to continue to maintain and improve it, and to meet the obligations arising from the certification. The auditing firm recommends the granting of all certificates.

FANS, a.s. traditionally ranks among the first-rate suppliers in the field of welding of steel and stainless steel structures. It is frequently and repeatedly sought out by customers due to its high quality and workmanship standards.